Holy Ramadan

The Holy Ramadan starts today

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Holy Ramadan

Holy Ramadan starts from today. This is the month of purification for all persons. This is the best month of the Muslims that having one night with the best night for the Muslim ummah. The name of the month is the Qadar. By the seeing moon in our country sky come the news that Ramadan will starts from today.

The moon was sighted from many area across the country. The news source said this news earlier. From tonight Salatul Tarabih will observed by people and Ramadan will began. The is the beat month of Self-purification and doing this by fasting.

After the sighting moon from various part of Bangladesh, the national moon seeing committee has confirmed this news by the the meeting in Islamic federation yesterday. The ministry of religious affairs and moon seeing committee principal Motior Rahman were present there.

This is great news all over the Muslims and this is began for fasting and patient for every people. By this way one month will observing this Ramadan and holy Sab e Qadar night will observe in the 2nd July. May Allah bless every people for the humanity and for the sefl purify.

All the office govt and non govt will place in a new office time. And this will 9 AM to 3.30 PM.