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Again 5 day fresh remand to Mahmudur Rahman

This is not ending for the politicians remand also for the great persons. While again 5 day fresh remand to Mahmudur Rahman in today. Hasan Arafat, the Detective Branch senior Assistant Commissioner produced Mahmudur before a Dhaka court in today noon.

After the hearing Court given five day long remand for the case to Daily Amar Desh acting Editor Mahmudur Rahman. But police was keen to ask a 7 day long that one week’s remand for this issue. After the judgement and the analysis honourable court give him 5 day fresh remand.

This is not first time to Mahmudur that he got the remand. Last time he was got another remand by the court. After the produced Mahmudur Rahman by the Hasan Arafat, the Detective Branch senior Assistant Commissioner, the Dhaka metropoliton court judge Pronob Kumar was give the hearing. He accepted to 5 day remand as for expected 7 day fresh remand.

The political party BNP want to freedom of Mahmudur Rahman. They always asked to govt that they doing illegal work by this remand and arrest to him. But in the August last year DB Inspector Fazlur Rahman with Paltan Police Station case this file and arrested to Daily Amar Desh acting Editor Mahmudur Rahman.

The govt was telling this he is doing great alleged plot for the government and for against the prime minister’s son Sajeeb Wazed Joy.  The major issue is the case about alleged plot to kill prime minister’s son Sajeeb Wazed Joy.

In before 25th march of the year Mahmudur Rahman was first take the taste for the remand and now again 5 day fresh remand to him. This is not only in the USA meeting held over With the old journalist Sofik Rehman and him. For the purpose Sofik Rehman also arrested and also set remand to him for this case.

However  Mahmudur Rahman is on the jail since april’s 2013 including 85 cases to his name.

Mujibur Rahman former state minister has died

This turned a very sad news that politician died. Mujibur Rahman and was the former state minister in Bangladesh has been died. In this morning he has died in the hospital.

At Mymensingh Medical College Hospital he had died in 9 am that the conformation come from the Kotwali Police Station. Dr Capt (retd) Mujibur Rahman Fakir was 69 years old and was suffering for many  diseases. Dr Capt (retd) Mujibur Rahman Fakir was the top leader of the ruling Awami League. And was the lawmaker of the Awami League. He was gentle in style.

Mujibur Rahman Fakir was the three consecutive winner for the area of this political ground. He was very wise and the chairman of the Gouripur Thana and was become the parliamentarian for 3 times in Bangladesh. Dr Capt (retd) Mujibur Rahman Fakir has been left in the world in this morning today about 9 oclock that the conformation comes from the Kamrul Islam, officer-in-charge of Kotwali Police Station.

He had been suffering from heart diseases with others diseases. He breathed his last around 9:00am at Mymensingh Medical College Hospital. The sad news around spreads all over the country and for the all politicians. Awami League’s all members and the parliamentarians are shows the respect to him. Every members and politicians are praying to him.

The honorable Ban Prime Minister Hasina was shocked to death of him. She said he was a good team leader for the earth. Oppositions leaders shows sympathy too about the case of death of him. How ever about the Mujibur Rahman passes away that was old leader in Ban and Awami League will placed in heaven that is the every pray are coming too. He was got nice and many achievement from the country and from the people.

He gave many things for the people of Bangladesh and also gave a lots of work for this area of Political party.

Take possible steps to protect all citizens


From the Bangladesh government, USA want to take possible steps to protect all citizens. The United States wants to see this that give a statement by a spoke. A dashing spokesperson for the US State Department named Mark Toner said by a conference about this big issue.

Now a days in Bangladesh is going with terrible situation. Over all side of Ban are going to bad image and this is going to broadcast over the world media. Even Ban Govt are not giving any conciseness about the matter. With the many diplomats are giving their speech but govt not showing their interest and even not able to show any success about the all murder and other cases.

Mark Toner, the US State Department spokesman said this yesterday’s daily briefing. He asked to Ban govt to take legal action for the all subjects.

Mean while in before, John Kerry’s call to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with a long time talk for the matters. But some of ruling party’s leaders are neglected this calls. They deny about the talk seems this is our home issue and their talk show some indicate with BNP Jammat party.

John Kerry calls shows worried about the Ban hot and violence position and unstable political position over the Bangladesh. He also calls about the human rights advocate and US Embassy employee Xulhaz Mannan, along with Tonoy Mahbub. Xulhaz Mannan, along with his frined Tonoy Mahbub was kill last week. He asked all the solve and if need they will give the positive supports to Ban govt.

A long side with this murder case and many of like this case USA expect to justice for this. So, this is most important to Ban that USA need this issue and want to take protection with all citizens in Bangladesh. The US State Department spokesman Mark Toner also said that this is urgently take to protection all citizen which are placed in Bangladesh. We hope Ban govt will take this action.

National Helpline Call Center ( 16430 ) for Poor legal assistance


Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today inauguration the “National Helpline Call Center” ( 16430 ) for Poor legal assistance.   The number is  16430 and this 16430 number will open for all time. Today morning ( Thursday ) in Engineer institute in the capital, Dhaka Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inauguration this helpful activity. She said this is the unique plan for the poor people for across the country.

Today in Engineer institute Hasina also said this number will remain for all the public in Bangladesh. People will get the legal assistance by this number. Honorable Prime Minister said by the dialing this number every poor people get legal benefit. The people who are unable to give the charge or fee of the legal department or their advocate those people will get free of cast help service.

“National Helpline Call Center” will be a free of cost of these type of people around the Bangladesh. Hasina also told the lawyer and lawmaker, please give the help and raise to your hand for the poor and old people. Which people are not able to give money but they need to get act help, give them help.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told which call will come by the “National Helpline Call Center” and it’s 16430 number all call will important and take proper action for these calls.

And this before yesterday the ruling Awami League president and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told in the parliaments, All the legal activity is fine and nice in this country. People are very safe in their part. Some part are occurring bad image by the some murder and event. But overall Bangladesh are going nicely. Hasina said, the murders of a university teacher, an LGBT rights activist and other student murder was a bad impact for us but our police and law division are taking action for the subjects.

In this program Hasina also said, that her govt take the freedom of the Law division and give more power to take action for the cases. She hope that people will get benefit by “National Helpline Call Center” and by help line 16430 number. She also promise to give appointed more judge for the big pending cases in Bangladesh.

Xulhaz Mannan murder case handed to DB


Xulhaz Mannan murder case handed to DB said by official. After the murder at Monday evening no case were listed in Bangladesh that time. After a long time around yesterday ( Tuesday ) Xulhaz Mannan’s elder brother Minhaz mannan submit a case.

This was a huge around case over Bangladesh history. Xulhaz Mannan was the former active worker in the US embassy in Dhaka Bangladesh. This murder was a filmy style in Kalabagan Lake circus residence of Xulhaz Mannan Monday evening. Xulhaz Mannan and his close friend Tonoy were murder too in that time.

Already US Secretary of State John Kerry said for the justice for this murder case. US Secretary of State John Kerry also said that US will give the everything to proper investigation. John Kerry were worried for this series killing over Bangladesh. There are too many murder are helding over Ban. US will see that what happening here in Bangladesh.

After the listing case for this double murder case of Kalabagan police already handed over the case to DB. Now this is time to see that what happen. Last day CCTV footage were found. Police investigating this case for the help of CCTV footage. But nothing were found the core matter or culprit for the matter. Some people or children were walking over the footage that were told by the help of our source.

Mean while police said that 5 to 7 people were inter the home of Xulhaz Mannnan in Kalabagan, Dhaka. They were come in the identity with courier service man and hurt to Xulhaz and his friend Tonoy. After there were died in there.

More over, in Bangladesh had a good part for Xulhaz Mannnan. And Xulhaz Mannan who was worked in the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and he was the main part of the edited ‘Roopban’ magazine that campaigns for the rights of the LGBT.

US will help to investigation of Xulhaz Mannan murder case

Xulhaz Mannan murder case is become one of the hot issue in the World media. Also this murder case is become the top and hot topics all media in Bangladesh. Xulhaz Mannan and his friends Tonoy was murdered in the afternoon of Monday ( 25-4-2016 ).

US will help to investigation of Xulhaz Mannan murder case that was confirmed by a statement form US Secretary of State John Kerry. US Secretary of State John Kerry said that this is not fair in here. Some body are talking from the US embassy that we can’t believe this matter. John Kerry also said that Xulhaz Mannan was excellent worker and gentle man that we see.

Mainly Xulhaz Mannan who was worked in the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and he was the main part of the edited ‘Roopban’ magazine that campaigns for the rights of the LGBT. The man was targeted from the celebration of Pohela Boishakh. He was murdered that by hacked with by his activity friends in the lake circle house of Kalabagan, Dhanmondhi, Dhaka last afternoon.

He work for Bangladesh and work for the many part of online area. He was a team work in his area. Xulhaz Mannan slain secular bloggers, online activists, publishers, teachers, and dissenters in Bangladesh. After his murder case all media was explore in the world wide. All news paper give head line in the local media about this murder case. After the conformation US Secretary of State John Kerry said that we are here to give the full support about the investigation of this case.

The culprit who were occurred the murder they will punished by the arresting. We are all together and will fight for this case. Xulhaz Mannan need to get the justice and his friend also will get the justice. In the all previous cases people were looking for the solution but yet not gets.

Bangladesh raise 5th in ICC ODI Ranking


This is a big and great news that Bangladesh raise 5th position in the ICC ODI Ranking. BCB confirmed this news earlier. This is the first time that Bangladesh get this place. Last time Bangladesh was their highest ever ODI position as 7. But today Tigers get the news that they become the 5th team up on the order by ICC.

Bangladesh cricket team raise to 5th place in the ICC ODI ranking. This news is confirmed by the BCB President Nazmul Hassan Papon.  Nazmul Hassan Papon the honorable cricket president of Bangladesh cricket board, said this as come from the ICC meeting, today.

Thus today is the historic day of Ban cricket. Tigers raise to 5th place in one day international cricket. last time they were 7th place and now is 5th this is because tigers get the rating point of 101. Previous rating was 97 in the one day international cricket. Thus Mashrafee and his team bet the benefits and they are become hero also for the nation. For this reason Ban cricket gets another good news.

Tigers will play directly in the world cup that will be held in 2019. They will not play the qualifying round in that coming world cup. Tigers will play direct in the group round. ICC gathered the 100% match point for the last one years and gathered 50% of match point for the last two years game. Thus a total point become 101 and Ban improve their rating in the ODI.

From the Nov 2014 Ban cricket has playing a nice rhythm. Bangladesh had win maximum match from that nov 2014. Thus Ban beat top class world team and win the many series in this period. Consecutively Ban played nicely in the last year world cup that on Australia-New Zeland. After that in the home ground Bangladesh play extra ordinary cricket match against Pakistan, India, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Australia is the top place with the 128 rating point.

However the hot news is Bangladesh raise 5th in ICC ODI Ranking. Bangladesh 5th place in ICC ODI Ranking. Than another word Bangladesh have climbed to the fifth place in the ODI rankings.

Passport Office will made in every district; Sheikh Hasina


Prime minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina told today that regional Passport Office will made in every district. Sheikh Hasina was present in a opening ceremony meeting that for the related to passport. Today, Sunday at 11 am she give her speech on the grand opening ceremony of the help week of the Divisional passport and visa office in Agargoan, Dhaka.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina was the chief guest in the place. After the interrogation the party she told to media, in the consecutive way all district will see the passport office. She told this after the inauguration of help week 2016 of Divisional passport and visa office in Agargoan, Dhaka.

She also told that in Bangladesh many people were victim with this process. Many are the general people and they even don’t know how to do passport and how to give the knowledge with their journey in this area. In this time Prime minister Sheikh Hasina was inaugurate 10 Dhaka divisional and regional passport office building. This  10 Dhaka divisional and regional passport office building was construct very recently for this service.

With the very busy Prime minister Sheikh Hasina were present their for the inauguration ceremony. For this reason special thanks were come from the chief of this department Br. Gen. Masud Rezwan. In this inauguration party Hasina said that many general public come here to take help and other work but some of bad and culprit people already here for the take advantage for their profit. They will punished by govt.

For this reason, A2I that Access to Information will apply here and by the form fillup with access to information service will keep for the people and thus people will.

Chief of the Department expect two buses for the women workers of this department. For the easily goes in their home and safely. Also were present in this program Asadujjam khan kamal and senior secretary Dr. Md. Mojammel Haque khan.

Mustafizur best bowling in IPL, 1st man of the match


Mustafizur Rahman the super hero of Bangladesh. Now become the world hero. The hot ans sensational hero gets his first IPL man of the match. This man of the match become from the match against Kings XI Punjab last night. This is also first man of the match of Mustafiz against Kings XI Punjab.

It was brilliant performance. Outstanding bowling by young Mustafizur Rahman last match. He bowled 4 overs and give only 9 runs. This is the super play by this wonder boy of Ban. In the first over he gave no runs. The first IPL maiden also listed by his name.

The glorious 4 over from mustafiz give only 9 runs and got 2 important wicket. He is playing first time in this IPL 2016 for the team Sunrisers Hyderabad.

In the first batting Kings XI Punjab  did only the total of 143 runs for losing 6 wk. Marsh gets another 40 runs , and Axar was 36* not out.  In bowling dept young Mustafizur Rahman give a high voltage spell. His fire work 4 overs give 2-9.

In reply Sunrisers Hyderabad easily took 146 runs and only lost for 5  wks. The dashing batsman David Warner take another half century. He did 59 runs for a blasting short time. On the other hand Dhawan miss his fifty. He did 45 runs. For the reason they beat Kings XI Punjab by five wickets. This was very easy win for Sunrisers Hyderabad. They are winning continue in this IPL.

In IPL 2016 people are very much respecting Mustafiz bowling. He is really become the Indian Hero. In the match presentation after the match, Pakistani Ramiz Raza said, this is brilliant performance by the young Bangladeshi Mustafiz. After getting Man of the match he said thanks to all to watching his bowling. He can’t speak English but in the middle he is real hero and give this space ch in Bangla.

However. People all over the country is very happy with Mustafizur Rahman bowling and his first IPL man of the match in 2016.