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Transport Owners started selling advance tickets

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selling advance tickets

Transport Owners started selling advance tickets for eid festivalIn every year millions of people leave the Dhaka city. They goes to there native home for the observing holy Eid-ul-Fitr. Full year people lives in Dhaka city for related to their works, projects, business or educations. When Eid comes they are ready to go home. Because they want to observe the holy occasion with all of relatives.  Thus this year also started the journey for home. The private transport owners are ready to selling advance ticket for the journey. The main point of Dhaka city are Gabtoli Bus Terminal, Kamlapur Railway Station and Sadarghat Launch Terminal.

From today Gabtoli bus terminal started advance selling tickets for home going peoples. This is the largest religious Muslim festival in our country. The thousands of people were crowed in the morning time today. The vice-president of Bus–Truck Association in Bangladesh, Ramesh Chandra Ghosh told this news that the advance ticket selling started in the morning 7.00 AM.

Most of the people were goes to northern and southern part of our country and they always use “Shamoly Paribahan”, “SR Paribahan” and “Hanif Paribahan”. Most of the people were traveled by this way during holy Eid.

People who were to take advance tickets told this is huge gather and tuff to collect one ticket in the hot condition. But this is true that we are expecting very enjoyment moment that are coming in our door.